Go-to-Market Strategy for the North American Automotive Industry

Category: GAI
Published: 2022-04-27
Go-to-Market Strategy for the North American Automotive Industry

GlobalAutoIndustry.com’s latest Audio Interview “Go-to-Market Strategy for the North American Automotive Industry” features Ivy Lewis.  Ms. Lewis has over 15 years experience in Program management and Strategy development in the Automotive Industry.  She has successfully deployed agile transformation, business strategy, Go-to-Market strategy for several NA automotive companies. She Founded ZL Consulting LLC in 2019 to help leaders transform vision into reality through strategy execution.

In the 10-minute Audio Interview, Ms. Lewis discusses these questions:

  • What is GTM strategy and why do companies need a GTM strategy?
  • What are the key elements of an effective GTM strategy?
  • Some global companies have successfully launched a product in the European/Asian market.  When they bring this product into N.A. to recreate the same market success, what advice do you have for them?
  • Let’s talk about new business. As a new business entering the N.A. automotive market, how would you advise them on their GTM strategy?
  • What are some good tips for companies who are working on their GTM strategy?
  • And provides her Final Thoughts.