Government of Nuevo León promotes technology with MIND4.0

Category: News
Published: 2019-03-07

NUEVO LEON – The government of Nuevo Leon, through Secretaría de Economía y Trabajo del estado carried out for the first time MIND4.0 Monterrey, a program of acceleration and escalation of 4.0 solutions in the industry, based on the Experience of the Basque Program BIND4.0 (Basque Industry 4.0).

The minister of Economy and Labor of Nuevo Leon, Roberto Russildi Montellano, said that the MIND4.0 Monterrey will support business technology innovation projects that strengthen its competitiveness internationally:

The program brings together large companies established in Nuevo Leon as well as startups with 4.0 industry solutions from Mexico and the world. It aims to bring together 25 tractor companies from the region and 125 national and international startups.

Leopoldo Cedillo, president of the Board of the Nuevo León 4.0 Initiative, explains that among 20 and 30 projects that would implement innovative solutions for Industry 4.0, seek to strengthen competitiveness and technological leadership in the entity.

Source: La Neta Noticias