Governor of Arizona declares a state of emergency on the border

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Published: 2021-07-29
Governor of Arizona declares a state of emergency on the border

NEW MEXICO – During a tour of Yuma Arizona to learn about the situation of the border between Mexico and the United States, Governor Doug Ducey reproached the lack of support from the Joe Biden administration, and now the state is experiencing a “desperate situation” due to the easy access of entry that drug cartels and human traffickers and sex trafficking have.

When speaking to the media, he said that this border is experiencing incompetence on the part of the Federal Government, since its lack of action has left Arizona unprotected and is an open path for the entry of drugs, illegal immigrants and sex trafficking.

In this southern part of the country there is a crisis that only the Border Patrol is facing and where the community is concerned about their safety and so far no one from the Federal Government has come to Arizona to learn about the situation first-hand.

Not Vice President Kamala Harris; the Secretary  Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas; much less President Joe Biden, have come to the state, so the governor warned that if there are no actions to monitor the border, all this adverse situation will worsen in the coming months.

He stated that it is time for the President of the United States to declare Arizona a national emergency and use his best resources to stop what happens here.

Ducey said that he has already made an Emergency Declaration and 250 members of the National Guard will be deployed to protect that area together with the Border Patrol and state police forces.

The surveillance that will be carried out will be in the counties of Cochise, Pima, Santa Cruz, Yuma, Maricopa and Pinal, but this is an effort where federal support is also required in an important way.

He said that Arizona will take care of the expenses for having the National Guard, as well as the care of the southern border, even when it is the responsibility of the Federal Government to protect in this area.

Regarding the Yuma Sector, it covers a 126-mile border with Mexico, has three checkpoints and is guarded by more than 700 Border Patrol agents.