Grocery sales go up 9.6% in Nuevo León

Published: 2019-09-06
Grocery sales go up 9.6% in Nuevo León

NUEVO LEON – The commercialization of groceries in the Northern region of the country¾including Nuevo León¾increased 9.6% during the month of July, slightly below the national increase of 10%, reported the National Association of Wholesale Grocery (ANAM).

Iñaki Landáburu Llaguno, president of the organization, said that the second half of the year began with good results in commercialization of groceries, reaching a growth of 10% in July, while in the last 12 months there has been a 7% increase in this area.

The president of ANAM stressed that all divisions and regions grew, excelling pet food with 13.7%, while the Northwest zone rose 14.8% and the Southeast 13.4%, representing a double-digit growth.

Landáburu Llaguno said that in July several suppliers grew above 1%, such as Nestlé, Essity, Papel San Francisco, Coca-Cola, Sabritas, among others.

Source: El Financiero