Home appliances sector expects a growth of 5%

Published: 2019-09-17
Home appliances sector expects a growth of 5%

NUEVO LEON – Thanks to the growth of the U.S. economy, the Nuevo León appliance industry expects to close 2019 with a 5% growth.

“The current international situation provides important opportunities for the industry, mostly for export,” said Eduardo Elizondo Williams, president of the Nuevo León Cluster of Appliances (Clelac).

The leader of Clelac said that the appliance industry in Nuevo León requires supplies and products for an amount estimated at more than US$500 million. This represents a great development opportunity for small and medium enterprises.

Elizondo explained that among the requirements, they are requesting packaging, stamping, punching, forging, casting, and the extraction of metals, as well as machining, plastics and rubber, coatings and finishes of pieces, among others.

The sector exports more than US$4 billion in Nuevo León alone, while the US$500 million required by the industry is used in direct materials that companies in this sector are buying and importing from other countries.

Source: El Financiero