Hotel occupancy increases in Coahuila’s central region

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Published: 2019-05-14
Hotel occupancy increases in Coahuila’s central region

MONCLOVA – Hotels in the Central Region of Coahuila closed the last two months with an occupancy rate of over 60%.

This represents 8% points above the same period last year, stated Armando de la Garza Gaytán, tourism commissioner at Cámara de Comercio in Monclova, Coahuila.

He explained that the Cuatro Ciénegas town also closed above the occupation it had last year, according to data.

“This increase is reflected in the gastronomic and service industry,” commented de la Garza, adding that it was of great help that the promotion of destinations has been handled directly by Secretaría de Turismo Coahuila.

He stated as well that he was glad the promotion of destinations wasn’t handled by the Office of Convenciones y Visitantes since last year it operated with a budget greater than US$130,575 but had really negative results. Currently.

Source: Vanguardia