Hyundai could install new plant in Nuevo Leon

Category: News
Published: 2015-04-16

Hyundai Motors is set to open a plant in Mexico to assemble light vehicles, by the time Kia’s plant – currently under construction in Nuevo Leon- also starts producing the same kind of vehicles, announced Humberto Esqueda Ramos, Promexico´s representative in Korea.

The official said that this announcement raises expectations for a significant flow of Asian capital into Mexico this year. It is likely that Hyundai will start producing in Mexico, it is just a matter of having the project laid out. Although José Luis Bernal, Mexico’s ambassador in Korea, would expect Nuevo Leon to be Hyundai’s main production site, to be near Kia and its suppliers, other states such as Coahuila and Zacatecas, could also compete to foster the new factory.


Source: T21