In a few days, Texas raises almost US$460,000 for the construction of the wall

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Published: 2021-07-02
In a few days, Texas raises almost US$460,000 for the construction of the wall

Governor Gregg Abbott’s office reported that in about a week it received US$459,000 in private donations for the construction of a wall that divides the border between the U.S. and Mexico.

 At the moment the amounts and the identity of the donors will not be revealed and this information will only be available through requests for public information and it is expected that in the future the total number of donations will be published on a website.

Recently, Gov. Abbott announced that he would reallocate an amount of US$250 million in state funds, this as an initial payment for the construction project and signed the ordinance to hire a manager to oversee the construction project. Abbott’s wall is planned to cover hundreds of miles on the southern border of the U.S., but it was not specific in stating where it will be located.

He also said that he expects Texans to volunteer their land for his construction project and to do so he would send a letter to President Joe Biden requesting that the Federal Government return the land that the Trump administration expropriated from private owners in Texas.

For some citizens of Texas, the construction of a wall between Mexico and the United States is nothing more than a political situation, but is done to ingratiate themselves with their voters.

Joel Velarde, a citizen of El Paso, Texas, said that during the Donald Trump administration, security measures were strengthened to prevent the entry of illegal migrants.

However, they continue to enter the United States, even with reinforced security measures, so this new project “is only a political action so that Americans have a sense of security.”

This is to show that the Republicans are carrying out security actions on the southern border, even as migrants continue to enter illegally daily.

For María D. Kelly, this is nothing other than to look good with her voters, the Governor has every right to divide both countries, but that is not the correct solution to the problems we have.

During the Trump administration, approximately 450 miles of barrier were built, mostly in Arizona, but construction stopped once Joe Biden won the election as president of the United States. Currently, the residents of South Texas await the visit of the former president in the coming days.