Industrial sector stands out in Tamaulipas

Category: News
Published: 2015-09-10

Over 21 establishments of sectors such as energy, automotive, medical, among others, are getting established in Tamaulipas, as a result of the promotion and competitive advantages that the State Government offers to the private sector, expressed Monica Gonzalez Garcia, Minister of Economic and Tourism Development.

She pointed out that the industrial sector represents more than an 82% of the total of jobs, having a 7% growth annually. With this, a foreign investment record has been reached in the last five years. “We are currently promoting 24 companies to support their plans of expanding their operations in the State, by working together with the Energy Agency, for them to be part of the investment portfolio and to continue the generation of job and growth opportunities”, Ms. Gonzalez Garcia stressed. In addition, she also highlighted that Tamaulipas has reached economic benefits per US$1.56 billion in local services and wages, by making synergy with the private sector.


Source: Monitor Economico