Mexican information technologies cluster to catalyze global promotion

Category: News
Published: 2018-12-10

The Cluster de Tecnologias de Informacion de Baja California (IT@BAJA) created a directory of companies that are part of the agency, in order to boost the industry and its growth, not only within other Mexican states, but in other countries as well.

The director of the cluster, Victor Javier Sanchez Urzua, explained that, in addition to the digital version of the directory, the cluster will issue a printed version, as there are still people who prefer to read on paper. Said directory will be distributed in government offices and the cluster’s partners themselves, with the idea that they use it as a letter of presentation.

“We have been collaborating with the support of the staff and board of directors, with an inclusive approach to the State Development Plan to our vision as a cluster,” Sanchez Urzua pointed out.

The cluster projects to exceed, or at least maintain, a growth rate during 2019, through the strengthening of the firms that make up the business entity and with the offer of its services, not only in Mexican territory, as previously stated.

Sanchez Urzua detailed that the cluster brings together 115 information technology companies, as well as various service providers and professionals who work independently, who make up an ecosystem of around 300 members in Baja California. He added that the growth of the information technology sector is at a double-digit, with a rate of between 10 and 11%; in addition, companies within the sector generate around US$500 million a year.