Juarez, the third city with the highest level of foreign investment

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Published: 2019-03-12

 CIUDAD JUAREZ – During 2018, Ciudad Juárez consolidated itself as the third city at the national level in terms of foreign investment attraction promoted by the State Administration, said the governor of Chihuahua, Javier Corral.

“Chihuahua’s constant economic strengthening has led international capital to invest US$3,491 million in the entity. This places the state at the national level as the 6th entity and Ciudad Juarez as the 3rd city, in greater attraction of foreign investment,” said corral. 

Addressing the results of: Economy, Innovation, Sustainable Development and Regional Development, the minister of Innovation and Economic Development, Alejandra de la Vega, said that Chihuahua has made a commitment to change its economic development policy. 

“To leave behind the promotion of our entity based on the offer of a cheap labor force, and replace it by promoting technological innovation, the training of talent and legal certainty to attract investments of greater added value,” said De la Vega.

She added that Ciudad Juarez generates 29,094 new formal jobs, meaning 43% more compared to the previous year, which places the state as the second ond with the lowest informal employment rate.

Source: El Pueblo