Juarez to invest in the maquiladora industry

Category: News
Published: 2019-01-30

Even when the industrial sector was left out of the border decree of fiscal stimuli, Ciudad Juárez continues to be attractive for new investments in the area.

The manufacturing companies continue looking at the region’s quality labor and its proximity to the United States to get to settle in this border.

There are expected two new manufacturer plants of “Electrocomponentes” electrical cables this year, adding a total of 9. David Hernandez Vazquez, vice president of the transportation unit of the U.S. origin company, reported that it is planned to open one of the plants in April in the Rio Bravo industrial park, while the second is planned to be opened in the same area on October 2019.

Together, these two plants represent an investment of US$10 million and 1,500 more jobs.

“We continue to bet on Ciudad Juarez, although it is a very competitive market, it also has a strong attraction of labor personnel in relation to other entities in the country,” said Hernandez.

Hernandez Vazquez added that Electrocomponentes plant in China, plans to bring people from Mexico and even Ciudad Juarez by the end of 2020. Although he did not give a number of the investment that would represent moving operations, he did reveal that 3,500 jobs would be created.