KF Logistics Less Borders, More Business

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Published: 2015-01-15
KF Logistics Less Borders, More Business

KF Logistics Inc., As your Customs Broker and Forwarding agency, handles shipments by sky, land and sea around the world who manage to move your company´s goods inside the United States to any place in the world.  “We are part of strong supply chain to facilitate your product flows”.


Karim Fournier Chibli is the Licensed Custom Broker for KF Logistics Inc., and he explained his business this way to MEXICONOW: “We have positioned ourselves in the market for 12 years. We have seen the need to expand our services because it is in our interest to be a complete company with better options for our customers.”

KF Logistics Inc is the integral solution for your export and import needs from and to the U.S. and the rest of the world. “We have developed partnerships,” explained Mr. Fournier, “with international companies that support us in the movement of goods and customs’ diversification. We are at a moment of strategic positioning to be a competitive option in the market. This results in benefits for our customers. It has given us a lot of ’punch’ in a matter of services,” Fournier said.

KF Logistics offers customs brokerage and logistics services designed to fit all customer requirements. “Our company manages to give reliable services with quality and knowledge. This is supported by our system and is on par with many internal committees who are aware of the new regulations,” reported Fournier. “We have implemented new procedures with our recent clients to help them avoid bad experiences from other suppliers. We really did listen to them and we have implemented new procedures to streamline exports relative to permits and certificates. All this has given us strength to provide service that is highly qualified and complete.”

By performing all the administrative procedures required by law in order for the client´s products to enter or exit the fastest way from the U.S., without any issues and on time, Mr. Fournier emphasized: “We have educated our staff in training, knowledge on new customs requisitions, and thanks to that we are able to provide more services and better knowledge. We are aware of the responsibility that is in our hands, since we are the midpoint between our clients and customs.”

At KF Logistics, notification of all inbound and outbound good is sent to each customer through a computerized system. Customers will receive an e-mail notifying them of the arrival and identification of goods managed electronically by a bar code. This provides customers with the necessary information related to their goods. This includes details like the date of arrival, goods that have already arrived and their condition, etc.

KF Logistics has implemented a strong truck carrier network that guarantees that you will always find available transportation equipment anywhere without any unit limitations and guaranteed delivery at the required time.  This option allows our customers have better rates, more carrier options and less time search.

“Our main competitive advantage is communication between our customers and us,” says Fournier, “…we have a well trained staff able to immediately give information.  This quick and agile response is possible because of our excellent internal communication system,” Fournier proudly explained. He continued: “Our inventory systems are modern and practical and have certifications such as
C-TPAT, BBB Accredited Business and we are members of the Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce. We also are part of the National Customs Brokers and Forwarders Association of America, and West Texas New Mexico. ”

In addition, Karim Fournier, who is a Licensed Custom Broker for KF Logistics, continued: “We audit our clients on each import transaction. We can explain and offer additional privileges for our clients to take advantage of customs laws and international trade that probably they don’t know. This expedites adapting to programs that will support their operations and provide greater profitability to their customers.”

KF Logistics focuses nearly 100% on the maquiladora Industry and has customers from Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and many other countries. This company provides sensitive services such as handling of automotive materials and has extensive experience in the maquiladora industry and is one of the leaders in economic activity in the border region.

The integral solution for your exportation and importation needs from and to the U.S. and the rest of the world is KF Logistics. For customer convenience, KF Logistics has a Transportation Department that efficiently handles their customers’ shipments of goods to any place in the world.

Mr. Fournier offered this insight: “I want to express appreciation for the opportunity provided by this interview to project our agency as a serious, first-class, professional company. And I want to emphasize, we love what we do in order to innovate. We work very close with our customers and they have made us better.  Our best asset is the people who work with us.  We really are a competitive service option.”