Kia attracts new investment to Nuevo Leon

Category: News
Published: 2016-01-21

Thierica, a U.S.Company, joined the Kia Motors project, with a US$5.2 million investment to start the operations of the Display Products plant (Thierica’s subsidiary where plastic auto-parts are produced), located in the Municipality of Santa Catarina, Nuevo Leon.

The Company will paint those pieces with a pearly paint known as “Piano Black” that has a similar gloss to this musical instrument, stated Ubaldo Garza de Leon, Display Products’ Manager. Besides, the Company is in negotiations to supply Thierica with these autoparts, instead of bringing them from Korea, in order to eliminate logistics costs. This plant began operations last December and even when it operates with robots, mainly, it generated 35 jobs. For a second stage, this plant will have 150 employees by 2019, by doubling its current installed capacity, with a similar investment amount.

Source: El Norte