Kia getting ready to launch Nuevo Leon production

Category: News
Published: 2016-05-12

Despite delays in the works for infrastructure in the project by Kia Motors in Pesqueria, Nuevo Leon, the firm is already preparing to start up its manufacturing operations within the following days, to produce 110,000 units of Kia Forte this year.

Victor Aleman, PR Manager at Kia Motors Mexico, disclosed a plan to produce one vehicle every 56 seconds, with prospects of reaching 300,000 units per year, however, the Pesqueria plant has the capacity to assemble 400,000 autos a year. This opening will benefit Nuevo Leon with exports of US$4 billion annually, roughly 11.5% of total automotive exports from the State, starting in 2017. This investment program by Kia and its suppliers, amounts to US$2.9 billion in total.

Source: El Horizonte