Kia Motors invests in a Quality Integral Center

Category: News
Published: 2015-12-30

Kia Motors Mexico will start up its Quality Integral Center at the Pesqueria plant in Nuevo Leon, with a US$10 million investment. The quality of 300,000 vehicles produced in this complex, will be examined and guaranteed at this Center, which will be internationally accredited.

The quality control area will evaluate the internal and external appearance of the vehicles, as well as their electrical operation, braking system, etc., which will allow to deliver the highest quality products to the consumer. Fernando Diaz, Manager of Information and Quality Testing, said that all the quality tests are the same ones that the Kia Motors Georgia’s plant has. Besides, a driving tests runway will be constructed in this plant, where the operation, error correction or technical errors will be verified, as well as the engine performance, braking system, acceleration and deceleration in curves, among others respects.

Source: T21