KIA´s supplier visits Alianza Industrial Park in Coahuila

Category: News
Published: 2015-02-20

One of the KIA´s suppliers companies has visited Southern Coahuila in order to decide whether they will install a new plant in this region or in the state of San Luis Potosi. The decision must be taken no later than May.

Arnoldo Saucedo Davila, Director of Alianza Group´s Governmental and Institutional Relations, pointed out that after the Governor of Coahuila went to Korea, one of KIA´s providers visited the Alianza Derramadero Industrial Park. Mr. Saucedo added that that this company, which will offer about 300 employments, is also evaluating San Luis Potosi, since the General Motors plant it serves is located there. However, the company considered there is an 80% probability that it will choose a location in Southeast Coahuila.


Source: Vanguardia