KIA starts exports of Forte model

Category: News
Published: 2016-06-27

KIA Motors Mexico started to export its model Forte, manufactured at its plant in Pesqueria, Nuevo Leon. According to KIA, 1,027 units were exported into the U.S., as this is the primary destination among 80 different countries that import vehicles made in Mexico.

It is prospected that a total of 40,105 Forte vehicles will be exported during 2016, out of which 35,505 units will be shipped to the U.S., 4,450 vehicles will be shipped to South America and 150 will be shipped to the Pacific. “These exports represent an annual income of US$4 billion to benefit Nuevo Leon and the economy of the country”, remarked the Company’s representatives. KIA Motors has export plans for a total of 166,000 units of Forte for next year, which are going to be shipped out to 67 countries. KIA Motors Mexico has a capacity to produce one Forte vehicle every 56 seconds, which is expected to result in a production increase, to peak at the prospected 300,000 annual units by next year.

Source: El Universal