Maquiladora industry is stuck

Category: News
Published: 2019-04-15

CIUDAD JUAREZ – Maquiladora industry still has 30% of cargo in Ciudad Juarez that hasn’t been able to be exported due to the lack of U.S. customs inspectors, stated Index Juarez president, Pedro Chavira Gutierrez.

He reported that Mexican customs will not close the main week, but will have a restricted schedule, so it will allow to clear a little of the backlog of exports through international crossings.

As for the economic damage caused by delays in cargo crossings, Chavira Gutierrez said that every day there are economic losses that vary according to the concept.

He mentioned as well that some losses worth thousands of dollars per day happen due to excess of inventories or for not delivering goods on time, this means a US$100,000 penalty for each customer.

Source: El Sol de Mexico