Maquiladoras to invest US$482.9 million for expansion

Category: News
Published: 2015-08-04

Manuel Valles Russek, Minister of Economy for Chihuahua, said that the State has concretized 12 investment plans, eight out of them located in Ciudad Juarez, amounting US$482.9 million and generating 9,236 jobs.

The highest investment comes from Robert Bosch, with a total of US$240 million and a generation of 1,636 jobs. Followed by the expansion of BRP (all-terrain vehicle maker), with an investment of US$95 million. The automotive firm Continental contributed with a US$44.9 million investment for the production of sensors and actuators. Cooper Standard, also expanded its operations in the city, while Flextronics together with SunEdison, opened its plant to manufacture solar panels. The Ministry of Economy, reported that the most recent project is that from Hansuh, which will manufacture seats for Kia Motors and Hyundai. Moreover, other companies in the electronics, metalworking and plastics injection sectors have also formalized investment projects in the city.

Source: El Diario de Chihuahua