Martech Medical Products 25th anniversary in Mexicali

Category: News
Published: 2016-07-18

David F. Markel and S. Tim Schweikert, CEO and President of Martech Medical Products, respectively, visited their Mexicali manufacturing operation at PIMSA to celebrate their 25th anniversary, bringing about the consolidation of new projects.

The management team recognized associate Antonia Hernández for her 25 years working in Martech. Melbry García, Human Resources Manager, said this celebration is also to recognize people who have been in the company for decades because thanks to them and the new employees, the company is stable and capable of providing continuous stability for many families. With 15 years in Martech, Ruben Godoy, Logistics Manager, mentioned he started when they were just one hundred and fifty employees. The workforce now accounts for almost one thousand three hundred people and they hope to continue growing from 15 to 20% each year.

Source: PIMSA