Mexico will have 9 million electric cars by 2035: Nuevo Leon Automotive Cluster

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Published: 2021-05-27
Mexico will have 9 million electric cars by 2035: Nuevo Leon Automotive Cluster

MEXICO – According to Manuel Montoya Ortega, general director of the Nuevo Leon Automotive Cluster, electric cars will gradually be integrated into the Mexican market, which means that by 2035, it is estimated that there will be 9 million electric vehicles in the country.

“Those who produce auto parts are making an effort to migrate to the electric car; for example, Nemak is making the migration to be in both segments,” said the executive.

It is worth mentioning that Nemak, a manufacturer of automotive components, announced in January 2020 that it would have a plant in Nuevo Leon specifically dedicated to the assembly of parts for electric vehicles, as well as battery housings for these types of cars.

On the other hand, KIA mentioned last January that the transition to electric vehicles includes launching an electric model in 2021; as well as establishing a complete EV (electric vehicle) lineup of 11 models and reaching a global market share in that segment of 6.6% by 2025.

Experts from UNAM’s Institute of Engineering are committed to the development of proprietary technologies for electric and hybrid vehicles, as well as to the design and construction of energy storage and generation systems.

In this regard, the specialist, Cárdenas Guzmán, said that countries such as Norway, Sweden and Holland have declared that by 2025 they will only be able to market this type of vehicle in their territory.

According to information from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi) the vehicle fleet of electric cars (EV) sold in 2020 in the country was of 119; plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) totaled 779 and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) reached 6,717 units, in total this segment represented only 1.749% of the total number of vehicles sold, which reached a total of 436,445 cars.

Source: El Economista