More Colorado River water shortages announced by climate change

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Published: 2022-05-11
More Colorado River water shortages announced by climate change

ARIZONA – Officials from the U.S. Department of the Interior, the Arizona Department of Water Resources and the Central Arizona Project presented a stark assessment of the Colorado River.

The Phoenix City Council released that as the effects of climate change persist, significant cutbacks in the Colorado River are likely. These reductions will affect the amount of flow water available to that city and other municipalities, farmers and tribes in central Arizona, where the first declared shortage is currently being experienced.

“Three things are certain about this situation: first, it is serious. Second, it will require the city to think differently, and plan differently, about how we use water. Third, we need to enlist the people of Phoenix as our partners in the hard work ahead,” said Mayor Kate Gallego.

Over the decades, Phoenix has developed a diverse portfolio of water resources with multiple sources and contingency supplies to provide safe, clean and reliable water. The Colorado River currently supplies 40% of the water used by Phoenix.

“Colorado River shortages will occur sooner than anticipated,” said Troy Hayes of Phoenix Water Services. “But all the planning and infrastructure investment we’ve made has put the City in a good place to handle difficult conditions.”

Phoenix has invested in infrastructure and subway water storage and has been a strong pioneer in water conservation in anticipation of Colorado River shortages.

However, as the drought intensifies, the city must continue to innovate with new proactive actions to prepare for an even greater problem.

“Our customers have always been our partners in conservation, and now we need it more than ever,” said City of Phoenix Water Resources Management Advisor Cynthia Campbell. “It’s imperative that everyone understands that as we adapt to a warmer, drier future, efficient water use will be essential to maintaining the quality of life we’ve grown accustomed to in the desert.”

Residential consumption accounts for approximately 70% of water use in Phoenix. While residents and businesses have been asked to do their part, the city is increasing its conservation efforts.

Source: MEXICONOW Staff