New clusters to establish in Ciudad Juarez

Category: News
Published: 2015-08-12

At least four clusters will be built in Ciudad Juarez in order to develop its potential in strategic branches of the economic activity, such as the medical industry, the medical tourism, the automotive sector and energy exploitation. Carlos Yates, ProMexico’s Director in Chihuahua, said that in order to bring a vehicle assembly plant is essential to have an organized automotive sector within a cluster.

Mr. Yates said that a medical industry cluster is also being organized and it has great potential and experience in the City. There are companies that manufacture products with the latest technology used in advanced health procedures. For his part, Felipe Galan Uribe, Manager of Energy of Economic Development in Ciudad Juarez, said that several works are conducted to create an energy cluster. He also reported that there is a possibility to extract shale gas from the undergrounds of Chihuahua. Lorenzo Soberanes Maya, President of the Medical Association of Ciudad Juarez, said that the organization for a medical tourism sector cluster is in progress. It represents a billions of dollars market and seeks to attract U.S. patients that are located in the City.