New CM/Heineken plant with 50% of advance

Category: News
Published: 2016-12-21

There is advance over 50% in the installation of the new plant for CM/Heineken in the Municipality of Meoqui, Chihuahua, and over US$100 million out of the US$400 million allotment announced has been exercised in 2015 for its construction, said Marco Antonio Mascarua, Vice President of Corporate Affairs for CM/Heineken Mexico.

This plant is expected to start operations in September 2017. It has 69 hectares of land and it shall be the seventh location in Mexico, with capacity to produce 5 million hectoliters, which could be expanded up to 10 million. Eusebio Reynoso, director of the Meoqui plant project, said that 14% of its production will be for export. The investment for this plant is part of the 2015-2019 plan for CM/Heineken, which is valued at approximately US$2 billion.

Source: El Economista