New “hybrid park” will be brought to Coahuila

Category: News
Published: 2015-05-15


The company Canromex is negotiating to install in Coahuila a hybrid energy park (wind / solar) of 40 megawatts, to serve one of the industrial parks in the State, according to Robert Langlois, Company´s Director General, who also commented that such projects require around US$100 million investment and an area of nearly 200 hectares.

Robert Langlois said that they intend to develop two hybrid parks in our country, as there is another ongoing negotiation with authorities from a central Mexico State, to build a second energy park with the same characteristics. In the case of Coahuila, negotiations are expected to be concluded this year, to start operations and construction process by 2016, and finish it by 2017.

Source: Vanguardia