New investments arrive to Nuevo Leon

Category: News
Published: 2015-11-24

Fernando Turner, Minister of Economic Development in Nuevo Leon, pointed out that two important investment projects arrived to the Entity. One of the projects is the expansion of the LEGO firm, with an investment of US$800 million; the other one is the Hofusan’s investment project, with an investment of between US$300-US$500 million for a new industrial, commercial and housing park.

Currently, there is a 130-project portfolio, which would represent an estimated investment per US$3.28 billion and the creation of over 15,500 jobs, informed Minister Turner. These investments come from the U.S., Korea, Japan, China, Spain, Germany and Denmark. The automotive, manufacturing, IT, energy, construction and home appliances sectors, are the most attractive to invest in Nuevo Leon.

Source: El Horizonte