New investments will arrive to Tamaulipas

Category: News
Published: 2015-10-02

The Starbucks Company, a family pizzeria and the Omnibus de Mexico bus station will arrive to Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas to generate a greater economic benefit and more jobs, the Mayor Carlos Canturosas Villarreal said.

The Mayor stressed out that the investment is manifested through the establishment of new businesses and the expansion and growth of the existing ones, such as the maquiladora plants. “Currently, 19 out of the 34 maquiladoras that are located in Nuevo Laredo are in expansion, both in its production as in its administrative area. Investment, business, employment, everything is growing, is taking its course and all this creates stability, peace and confidence, which is good for everyone”, said the Mayor.


Source:Milenio Tamaulipas