New maquilas come to Tamaulipas

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Published: 2019-04-11

 REYNOSA The Mayor of Reynosa Maki Ortiz Domínguez, announced three investment projects that will generate more than 600 jobs.

“New maquilas are coming, we will have a maquila that will be dedicated to the construction of advanced internal combustion systems and will be an investment worth more than US$27 million for the city,” she said

Said facility comes from England and it will be installed in the Industrial Park of Villa Florida generating more than 400 new jobs.

She stated as well that an Indian-based company dedicated to the manufacture and assembly of metal products, is coming to Reynosa allocating an investment of US $ 5 million; it will be installed in the ProLogis Industrial Park and will open 200 job positions.

Ortiz Dominguez, spoke about the remodeling of the Reynosa City Airport too, which will have an extension of 4,000 square meters and will include stores, restaurants and a hotel. She noted that investors still prefer the city of Reynosa thanks to its qualified workforce and that all these investments will allow the eastern part of Reynosa to set off.

Source: Inforio