New Mexico issues preventive measures for back to school

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Published: 2021-07-29
New Mexico issues preventive measures for back to school

NEW MEXICO – Given the arrival of the new school year and with the issue of the Covid-19 pandemic, the New Mexico Department of Public Education issued some measures to try to avoid infections when returning to school.

The most notable is the use of masks for all attendees, this measure will be applied in public and autonomous schools of the state, as well as all people in elementary schools, regardless of whether they already have the complete vaccination scheme.

The use of this element should be used while they are in any school building, in the school’s transportation, or while carrying out an indoor activity that is carried out by the educational establishment.

Those students, teaching and administration staff, as well as school volunteers who have their vaccinations and provide documentation of it, are not required to wear masks, except in elementary schools.

All those who are not vaccinated or who cannot prove that they are, must use the mouth mask in the facilities, in indoor activities and in activities that the school carries out and is in closed places.

The Department of Education advises that during outdoor activities it is not required to wear face masks.

The superintendent of Las Cruces Public Schools, Ralph Ramos, assured that the most important thing is the safety and well-being of students and workers.

It is expected that on august 9 there will be a safe return to classes and in the case of unvaccinated personnel, mandatory surveillance will be done on them since surveillance tests will continue to be voluntary for students.

For Gabriela Vargas, a resident of Las Cruces, New Mexico, these measures are good, since children must return to school, but in a safe environment.

He said that those people who have not been vaccinated it is important that they do so, since it has been shown that there is no greater risk to health, in addition, returning to confinement is not healthy for children or for those people who cannot work from home. .

But parents must also do their part and talk with their children so that they maintain preventive health measures such as constant hand washing, maintaining a healthy distance, using the mask in public and closed spaces, as well as informing if they believe have symptoms of Covid 19.