New Mexico seeks to employ people in the cannabis branch

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Published: 2019-04-05

ALBUQUERQUE – A fast-growing industry in New Mexico is in great need of staff to keep up with demand.

Job seekers will be able to head to The University of New Mexico’s Student Union Building on Friday for a chance at a job in the growing medical cannabis field.

Cannabis NM Staffing, the company putting on the career fair, says they hope to break the stigma associated with marijuana.

“What really makes a good candidate is someone who wants to be educated in the industry and be an advocate because there’s such a stigma in the industry, and that’s what we’re trying to do as a company is break the stigma of cannabis through education,” said Evan Wrons, marketing director at Cannabis NM Staffing.

The career fair will offer up all kinds of positions in the medical cannabis field including nurse practitioners, sales representatives, farmers, lab techs, associate lawyers and more.

Source: USChamber