Northern Border seeks procurement law

Category: News
Published: 2019-02-01

The Supply Law that has been contemplated for Baja California is planned to be applied in the entire northern strip of the country, this will increase the competitiveness of industries to decrease the ISR and at the same time increase GDP, explained the president of Cámara de la Industria de Transformación (Canacintra), Marcello Hinojosa.

“What we want to do, is to detonate the national industry on the border and increase the GDP. We need to analyze what federal fiscal stimuli we can give to the Procurement Law,” said Hinojosa.

Hinojosa believes that there is hope on the sectorization of the industries production of each state on the northern border.

“We want to divide by sectors, so that each state has its vocation. We are not going to try to make Baja California or Sonora all types of industry suppliers, we are going to focus on certain sectors that are specializing and creating a synergy in the companies”.