Nuevo Leon acquires drone for US$2.8 million

Category: News
Published: 2019-03-22

NUEVO LEON – After acquiring a US$2.8 million drone and receiving lots of negative opinions, state government stood firm while Public Safety Minister Aldo Fasci stressed that the drone will be used for security tasks in the entity.

“This is intelligence and intelligence has a high price, the lack of intelligence has cost us many lives and a single life is worth more than US$2.8 million,” he stressed.

Mr. Fasci clarified that it is more than just a drone since it is an unmanned airplane with a cost in the intelligence equipment that is included. However, he added that the government did not authorize the manufacturing company to make the data sheet public.

For his part, Nuevo Leon’s governor, Jaime Rodriguez Calderon announced this new acquisition via Twitter inviting people to take a look on a video where you can see State government delivering said drone to the civil force.

Source: Excelsior