Nuevo Leon aims to boost natural gas usage

Category: News
Published: 2018-08-29

With an investment of US$2.2 million, Combustibles Grupo Trees, in partnership with Naturgy, inaugurated a vehicular natural gas (NGV) station in the municipality of Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon.

Naturgy works alongside the Nuevo Leon government, and representatives of the transport industry, in order to promote the usage of NGV in light and heavy vehicles.

Currently, the Agencia Estatal del Transporte of Nuevo Leon units use NGV already. However, they’re looking into the possibility of making 2,000 police patrols switch to NGV as well. Jorge Longoria Trevino, Director of the Agencia Estatal de Transporte, said that NGV is way cleaner than regular gasoline and diesel due to its low carbon dioxide and monoxide emissions.