Nuevo Leon and Chihuahua, the Mexican states with the most indebtedness

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Published: 2019-02-15

MEXICO – As of September of 2018, Nuevo Leon, Chihuahua, Coahuila and Quintana Roo ranked as the states with an indebtedness per capita above US$584, according to the Centro de Investigación Económica y Presupuestaria (CIEP).

As stated by their statistical analysis, the list of states with the highest level of indebtedness per person are: Nuevo León (US$684), Chihuahua (US$657), Coahuila (US$612) and Quintana Roo (US$584).

These numbers coincide with that of the most indebted entities when their state gross domestic product of last year’s September is taken into account: Chihuahua (7%), Quintana Roo (6%), Coahuila (4.7%) and Nuevo Leon (4.4%).

On the other hand, the least indebted states in relation to their state gross domestic product are: Tlaxcala, with no public debt, Queretaro (0.1%), Puebla (0.7%) and Guerrero (1.1%).

Source: 20minutos