Nuevo León and Festo will invest for training in Industry 4.0

Category: News
Published: 2019-03-20

MONTERREY — Nuevo Leon’s government and Festo will jointly invest US$15 million to provide Industry 4.0 equipment to 50 technical schools in the state.

Through this equipment will be able to train young people in basic concepts of Industry 4.0, which is based on automation and digitization, said this week in an interview with Automotive News Mexico, Abraham Tijerina, coordinator of the initiative Nuevo Leon 4.0.

Mr. Tijerina said that the investment will be made in the next two years and that companies in sectors such as automotive, aerospace or steel, may find human capital trained in Industry 4.0.

“The educational establishments will be equipped with infrastructure for the training and management of Industry 4.0 concepts, such as the interconnection of machines, communication protocols, programming, sensors or movements in a programmed manner,” he explained.

According to the official, by 2019, 20 schools will be equipped, which will be chosen from among the different ones in the state, such as Consejo Nacional de Educación Profesional Técnica (Conalep) or Instituto de Capacitación y Educación para el Trabajo (ICET).

Source: Automotive News México