Outdoor recreation along Arizona’s waterways a US$13.5 billion industry

Category: News
Published: 2019-04-10

ARIZONA – Arizona’s waterways, enjoyed by more than 1.5 million residents each year, contribute US$13.5 billion to the state’s economy and support 114,000 jobs, according to a report released recently by Audubon Arizona.

Water-based outdoor recreation as an industry ranks above mining and golf in terms of total economic output to the state. The industry contributes US$7.1 billion to Arizona’s GDP, provides US$4.5 billion in household income and generates US$1.8 billion in tax revenues.

The report found that 186,000 Arizona residents participate in outdoor recreation along water in Pinal County, creating an annual economic impact of US$474 million and generating 4,000 jobs. Top activities in the county include picnicking/relaxing, trail sports and fishing.

“The rivers, lakes and streams of Arizona are an economic powerhouse for our state—these results prove that,” pointed out Audubon Arizona’s policy manager, Haley Paul.

Source: Apache Junction Independent