PAICE invests US$911,453 in Tijuana

Category: News
Published: 2019-03-05

TIJUANA – The federation, through Programa de Apoyo a la Infraestructura Cultural de los Estados (PAICE), and the City of Tijuana, will invest $911,453 for the construction of the fifth Casa de la Cultura of the city in the delegation Cerro Colorado.

Haydé Zavala, director of Instituto Municipal de Arte y Cultura (IMAC), said that it was at the beginning of 2018 when she submitted to competition the project of a House of Culture for the Cerro Colorado delegation, through Programa de Apoyo a la Infraestructura en los Estados (PAICE), which was selected, obtaining a support of US$449,093 from the Federation.

“We hope it will be a space that the community of Cerro Colorado and the Abelardo L. Rodríguez dam will make theirs as soon as possible, we want the people who are very close to us to make Casa de la Cultura theirs,” said Zavala.

Source: Zeta Tijuana