Philippine firm builds power plant in Nuevo Leon

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Published: 2015-03-30

The Wärtsila Power Plants Company will develop a power plant, with 139-megawatt capacity, which will be fueled with natural gas. This plant will operate with fast-response technology, improving the entire network performance.

“The flexible power generation is specially needed to meet the peak demand and balance the contribution of wind and solar power. This way, fuel is saved, the electricity prices for consumers is reduced and carbon dioxide emissions are decreased”, pointed out Markus Pietikäinen, Wärtsila Power Plants Vice President in America. This installation is type Smart Power Generation and it will have seven Wärtsila 50SG units, the largest gas engine in the world. These engines are started up and providing full power output in less than five minutes. With the objective of increasing even more its efficiency, the plant in Monterrey, will also include a combined cycle with a steam turbine. Wärtsila has 58-gigawatts power, and it is installed in 175 countries around the world. The firm´s owner is Energia del Caribe S. A.


Source: Manufactura