Phillips Industries has new facilities in Coahuila

Category: News
Published: 2015-02-20

Phillips Industries Mexico has recently installed its new plant at the Davisa Industrial Park, located in the municipality of Arteaga, in Coahuila, where a grand opening will be held next March, with its supplying companies’ representatives as main guests.

As a result of the recent taxation reform, the company will no longer work under a shelter scheme. For that reason, Phillips relocated its activities to the new facilities, along with an important expansion. This new factory occupies a 94 thousand square feet land, and probably it will grow up to 40 thousand feet more. Now a days, it has 360 employees but it is expected that it will have 400. Phillips Industries has recorded continual annual growth, with a steady tendency for 2015 as negotiations with Volvo and Navistar are being conducted.


Source: Zócalo Saltillo