Phoenix looking for more investment from Mexican businesses

Category: News
Published: 2016-11-08

Government Authorities of Phoenix, Arizona, entrepreneurial representatives, and financial organizations visited Mexico with the purpose of encouraging Mexican companies to become established in this U.S. city. The opening of Phoenix’s Government offices in Mexico City is proof of the interest and the relevance of reinforcing friendly relations among these two destinations, as this is the first time this type of headquarters are set up in a foreign Country.

This is with the objective of providing Phoenix based Companies who want to become installed in Mexican grounds, and vice versa, with a place to receive support and have their questions answered, as well as a converging space. Phoenix’s Mayor, Greg Stanton, said that there is a great potential to grow Mexican companies in this City, as an important percentage of the young population are latinos, and the demand for these products shall grow in the future.

Source: El Informador