Pinto Brazil arriving in Ciudad Juarez

Category: News
Published: 2016-08-11

Pinto Brazil Corporation, the specialty engineering firm providing technical solutions focused on the automotive industry, has just announced an upcoming investment worth US$1 million, to develop a new industrial building in Ciudad Juarez.

The Group has invested in this town about US$3.29 million so far, with plans to set up a building in an area measuring over 3,500 square meters. A business meeting with head officers of the Corporation was scheduled through the Ministry of Economy and ProMexico, resulting in an agreement to train engineering students from Juarez at the company’s main headquarters in Portugal. “Juarez is close to our main clients in the harness manufacturing and other businesses related to artificial vision, renewable energy, logistics, among many other ‘know how’s’ we cover”, explained Vitor Cruz, who is in charge of the internationalization department at Pinto Brazil.

Source: Norte de Ciudad Juarez