San Diego to support recovery of storm-affected businesses

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Published: 2024-02-23
San Diego to support recovery of storm-affected businesses

SAN DIEGO, CA – The California Employment Development Department (EDD) announced the award of US$995,000 to the San Diego Workforce Partnership (SDWP) to assist local recovery efforts in response to area-wide storms in early 2024.

The atmospheric storms are reportedly expected to have long-term lingering impacts on San Diego County’s business operations, residents and workforce.

“During a state of emergency, we must quickly assess how workers and businesses are affected and assist our most vulnerable communities in their recovery efforts,” said EDD Director Nancy Farias.

“We are grateful to receive this funding from the Employment Development Department and the California Workforce Development System,” said Tony Young, interim, President and CEO of the San Diego Workforce Partnership.

Young viewed the earmarking of resources as an opportunity to show unity and focus efforts to support San Diegans who were affected by the storms.

Through a network of partnerships, SDWP will quickly develop an effective action plan to support affected communities with a primary focus on affected businesses and workers. In addition, local employers will be actively engaged through a communications campaign to provide comprehensive flood information and support will be offered in employee retention and recruitment efforts.

In addition to developing training and support for the rapid reemployment of affected workers, SDWP will provide participants with comprehensive support services, such as utility bill payment assistance and legal assistance.

SDWP reported that it will work with its partners to create temporary jobs to help mitigate the damage caused by these unprecedented floods.