Sanhua inaugurates R&D center in Houston

Category: News
Published: 2018-11-15

Sanhua, a Chinese manufacturer of HVACR components for residential, commercial and automotive air conditioning, including components that use propane, will open the Sanhua Texas Technology Center (STTC) on November 15 in Houston, Texas. The STTC and has an initial investment of US$10 million into the greater Houston economy and employs 20-25 people from the local area.

“Houston was chosen following an exhaustive search of possible U.S. locations,” mentioned CY Zheng, Sanhua North America’s president. “We based this decision on the hospitality of the state and local government, the availability of a large pool of skilled local talent to fill our specialized staffing needs and the great transportation network here including the world-class international airport.”

The company produces thermostatic expansion valves, reversing valves, heat exchangers and coils, filters, receivers, suction accumulators, sight glasses, electronic controls, variable speed controls and any component found in an air conditioner with the exception of the compressor.