Santa Fe approves increase to residential trash and recycling services

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Published: 2022-02-15
Santa Fe approves increase to residential trash and recycling services

SANTA FE – At a meeting of the Santa Fe City Council, the Governing Body voted unanimously to approve a rate increase for trash/recycling services for Environmental Services Division customers.

The new rates will take effect March 1, 2022; while the increase was based on a comprehensive cost of service study conducted by NewGen Strategies and Solutions, LLC, and is the first since 2016.

“The vote to approve this rate increase comes at a crucial time. Due to Santa Fe Solid Waste Management Agency rate increases and other cost hikes since 2016, we were not recovering the funds needed for maintenance and day-to-day operations. The new rates will allow us to continue to provide essential services to city residents while maintaining a balanced operating budget,” said Shirlene Sitton, Director of the Environmental Services Division.

The city’s last garbage/recycling rate increase was in 2016, so the proposed increase aims to move the rate from $15.75 to $19.25 per month, while also providing for other hikes.

According to information from the City Council, some other increases are to residential bag tags from $7.50 to $15.00 (per sheet of 5); residential large item collection would go from $33.33 to $50.00 (for up to 8 cubic yards).

On the other hand, commercial front loading would show a 7% increase, while commercial rear loading would have a 5% increase, in both cases, depending on the size of the container and the frequency with which the garbage is picked up.

The Environmental Services Division is taking steps to keep rates as low as possible, and is nearing completion of a route optimization study that will update residential routes to maximize efficiency – eliminating miles traveled and saving time and money while accounting for city growth.

Residents were also urged to visit or download the free Recycle Coach app to ensure they are recycling correctly and help reduce costs associated with contaminated recycling.

Source: MEXICONOW Staff