Servicios de Transportacion Jaguar launches driving simulator in Nuevo Leon

Category: News
Published: 2018-09-26

A virtual cockpit that allows the operator to perform maneuvers with different load configurations, travel in adverse weather conditions and face situations that may occur while operating a cargo truck, is already in operation at the Servicios de Transportacion Jaguar training school located in Escobedo, Nuevo Leon.

“The simulator is a tool that will help our operators polish their skills and improve the efficiency of the unit’s management,” said Eduardo Willis, General Manager of the company.

Servicios de Transportacion Jaguar is a Mexican company that belongs to Celadon Group Incorporated, which has a fleet comprised of more than 420 tractors and 180 additional units, dedicated to the border crossing. In addition to Nuevo Leon, Jaguar has terminals in Nuevo Laredo, Saltillo, San Luis Potosi, Salamanca, Queretaro, Mexico City and Guadalajara.