Sinaloa and Sonora, the states with the highest development of shrimp in captivity

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Published: 2019-02-15

MEXICO – For Mexico, the shrimp industry is fundamental in its trade balance. Only in 2017, foreign sales of this product totaled US$452 million, representing a central element for the country’s economic development.

Aquaculture farms for the production of these crustaceans have become the fastest growing industry within the primary sector and almost triple the volumes obtained by fishing methods in the estuary and high seas.

Sinaloa and Sonora stand out as the entities with greater development of shrimp in captivity, with 140,000 tons produced in 2018.

During 2017, of the 84,426 tons of shrimp reported by Sinaloa, 61,417 were cultivated in aquaculture farms, while the rest were cultivated through riparian and deep sea fishing.

Source: La Jornada