SizeUp launched in El Paso to boost small businesses

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Published: 2022-06-13
SizeUp launched in El Paso to boost small businesses

EL PASO, TX – With the intention of helping small businesses in El Paso to position themselves in the market and have optimal competitive levels for growth, representatives of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) presented the SizeUp platform.

According to the City Council, SizeUp is a powerful market research and business intelligence tool that is available to local businesses to help them succeed, and will level the competitive playing field for businesses by providing small businesses with market analysis similar to that normally available only to large corporations.

SizeUp is an Internet Fintech (Financial Technology) services company dedicated to helping its clients better serve small businesses by providing them with high quality market research and business insights.

With the above, it is intended that the benefited companies can make better decisions through big data. The developer company has established itself as a leading Fintech company winning different awards.

The platform was presented by Marybeth Stevens, CEO of BBB El Paso; Elizabeth Triggs, Director of the Economic Development Department of the City of El Paso; and Michael Hernandez, Director of Economic Development of the County of El Paso.

The initiative is part of actions the El Paso Business Strong agency is taking to help connect the city’s business owners with opportunities for financial resources, e-learning, among other benefits, in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

As the local economy has reopened, El Paso Business Strong is transitioning from being a pandemic response to becoming El Paso’s premier business resource center that provides small business owners with resources to help them grow and thrive.

Source: MEXICO-NOW Staff