Sonora border looking to expedite international Arizona crossing

Category: News
Published: 2016-10-31

Border municipalities from Sonora have started a work plan to expand or modify international customs posts in its Arizona border, in order to expedite people and merchandise crossing between the two Countries, informed Matias Rosales, Vice Mayor of San Luis, Arizona.

An assessment was conducted to find out the best way to avoid delays in the old customs house, thus determining that it is necessary to permit light vehicle crossing by the San Luis II Customs post, currently used exclusively for cargo vehicles. The maquiladora industry in Nogales will ask the U.S. and Mexico federal governments to maintain the unified revision program in both Countries’ customs. Alfonso Soto Parada, President of INDEX Nogales, affirms that crossing times used to average from three to five hours, whereas now, with the unified revision, it is less than 1.8 hours; the part that belongs to the customs processes between the two Countries, averages from 15 a 20 minutes. Hector Rubalcava, Agua Prieta Mayor, spoke about a project for a new customs house, in addition to the existing coordination with U.S. authorities to facilitate the passage through the old customs house.

Source: Kiosko Mayor