Sonora launches program with ActiTour in San Carlos

Category: News
Published: 2019-04-12

SAN CARLOS – Governor Claudia Pavlovich Arellano presented the Sonora program with ActiTour at the Mirador Escénico de San Carlos, Nuevo Guaymas, and a collaboration agreement was signed with municipal authorities and workers in the tourism sector.

The purpose of Sonora ActiTour is to provide training to each of those involved in the tourism industry and to provide a professional and warm treatment to visitors who arrive in Sonora.

“Sonora is a great state and we have a lot to do for it, we really need that attitude to make tourism what it should be in Sonora, we have free nature, now what we lack is the attitude to reinforce that activity,” said the governor.

She mentioned a series of works that have been carried out during her career. These include the federal highway that will be completed in two months, several beltways, the remodeling of the Hermosillo airport and the construction of the scenic viewpoint in San Carlos.

Source: Expreso